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 David A. Hackett, OD

Dr. David Hackett graduated from the Oklahoma College of optometry in 2014 after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at Kansas State University. Dr. Hackett completed a two-month Vision Therapy externship with Dr. Ron Bateman, has worked with the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) as the National Student Liaison, published several articles, and was awarded the COVD Award for Excellence in Vision Therapy.  He has also completed an extensive seminar series in the field of neuro-optometric rehabilitation, learning-related vision problems, and acquired/traumatic brain injury (PAVE-Sanet Seminar Series).

Prior to permanently relocating his family to Eugene, Dr. Hackett was part of a large multidisciplinary practice in Kansas City performing services in primary eye care, hard & soft contact lenses, eye injuries, red eyes, keratoconus, and traditional & Laser-cataract surgery post-op care. Dr. Hackett also served as a clinical instructor to residents of the University of Missouri: Kansas City (UMKC) Department of Ophthalmology in contact lens fitting. During his graduate studies, he participated in the Special Olympics Healthy Eyes Exams, and traveled twice to Roatán, Honduras to provide optometric care to underserved areas of the island.

You will find Dr. Hackett around Eugene, at the Saturday Market, or on a bike trail. He is excited for the community feel of a friendly town like Eugene, so feel free to stop him and visit.  Dr. David Hackett’s Full Resume



Carol E. Marusich, OD, MS, FCOVD

CarolMarusich FINAL_29_2_20_15Dr. Carol Marusich graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in 1981 after completing her Masters Degree in Sensory Physiology at Northwestern University and her Bachelors Degree in Biology at Marist College. As a Developmental Optometrist Board Certified by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), Dr. Marusich has served as Chair of the International Examination and Certification Board for COVD. Dr. Marusich has been recognized as Optometrist of the Year by the Oregon Optometric Physicians Association and the Great Western Council of Optometry for her contributions to the community and to the profession, and has served as President of both. A former Lane County Woman of the Year, Dr. Marusich was the 2006 Named Gift Honoree for the American Association of University Women and a two time recipient of the People First Award. The National Academy of Practices Distinguished Practitioner Award places her among the top 150 Optometric Clinicians in the country. Dr. Marusich has served on a number of boards in Optometry and in the community, and holds an Adjunct Faculty position for the Pacific University College of Optometry. She lectures locally, nationally and internationally on infant vision, the connection between vision and learning, and vision rehabilitation following stroke and brain injury, and is currently participating in National Institutes of Health (NIH) research evaluating the impact of Vision Therapy on reading development in school age children. Click here to download Dr. Carol Marusich’s full resume

Juliet: Certified Optometric Vision Therapist

Juliet graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1998 earning a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a Pre-Med minor. Her background in Optometry, including Saturday’s spent assisting her dad in his Vision Therapy practice and her time as an early childhood educator, led Juliet to Vision Therapy. In 2003 Juliet completed an intensive 100 hour Course with Dr. Robert Sanet, a strong foundation for her Vision Therapy education, and she has been an active member of the College of Optometry in Vision Development since 2005. In 2012, after living in Florida for 12 years, Juliet moved to Eugene to be closer to her California roots. “Lifetime Eye Care has given me the opportunity to discover how powerful Vision Therapy can be, and has awakened in me a deep passion for influencing positive change and enriching the lives of those around me. I am especially sensitive to my patients with brain injury and I have devoted significant time to learning about, and discovering how I can be really supportive as well as provide Vision Therapy for this population of patients. My free time is spent with my husband, Scott, and daughter, Melia, exploring nature, dancing, reading, enjoying the theater arts, and soaking up all the magnificence life has to offer.”

Click here to download Juliet’s full resume

Abigail Hackett: Vision Therapist

Abby graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma. Abby became immersed in the optometry field while her husband, Dr. David Hackett, was completing his Doctorate of Optometry. This sparked her passion for the field of Vision Therapy.

Additionally, Abby worked in the optometry school’s Spectacle Fabrication Lab where she developed the skill of crafting custom eyewear.  After Dr. Hackett completed optometry school, they moved to Kansas City where Abby gained experience as an optometric technician and optician in a busy private practice. She enjoyed working with patients to improve their vision and quality of life.

With her background in education, Abby has always desired to help each child reach their academic potential. Vision Therapy helps her achieve this goal and expand it by also helping adults. She is extremely excited to begin the process to becoming a Certified Optometric Vision Therapist (COVT) and will be attending an in-depth 100 hour Vision Therapy course by Dr. Robert Sanet. Abby is delighted to be in Eugene with the lifestyle she has always envisioned. In her free time, she enjoys baking, gardening, and visiting museums. Since moving to Oregon, Abby has begun hiking more and is looking for additional ways to support the performing arts.


Teresa: Practice Manager

Teresa joined Lifetime Eye Care in the fall of 2013. “Having worked 23 years in the medical field with multiple specialties including Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neurology, Ear Nose and Throat, Gastroenterology, Dermatology and Cardiology, I have been able to gain experience in all facets of the medical office. I absolutely love enabling the physicians I work with provide the best care possible by managing the day to day operations of the clinic, allowing them to concentrate on patient care. Working in a practice the size of Lifetime Eye Care is very rewarding and I really enjoy the daily interaction with patients and their families, as well as the small family-like staff. When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my three daughters cooking and exploring the great outdoors.”




Tammy: Optician 

Jodi M: Optician

Scott: Technician/Contact Lenses






Lacee: Patient Care Coordinator

Jodi V: Medical Billing